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Have You Ever Forgiven A Cheating Partner Without Breaking Up?


Best Of The Best
So many of y'all do not know the real meaning of true love.

I once dated a guy from Minnesota for 3 years (white skinned), our relationship was a transparent one at that... one time we had a huge argument which led to 2 month of not been in touch.

We loved each other irrespective of our flaws and then decided to bury the hachet and get back together... while we were together he revealed to me how he cheated and with whome (of which i never knew).

I forgave him because he pleaded and vauge never to repeat it anymore.. it was painful to let go but i had to because i always loved him no matter what... i still do although i lost him to cancer 2017.

My point is; true love never fails and should set no bounds. forgiveness and not keeping an account of any injury should be part of the motivating factors in any outstanding relationship.

ps; forgive my typographical errors if need be.