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The First South African Made Aircraft: Young South African Teens Flies From Cape To Cairo


Best Of The Best
A Plane Made By South African Teens Flies From Cape To Cairo. If this isn’t inspirational, we don’t know what is. Normally teenagers are known for causing nothing but trouble. These group of 20 teens though are different. They have managed to assemble a plane which has flew from Capetown to Egypt.

The trip began on 12 June 2019 with different teams pilot and charter a course across several African cities and towns. The teams flew from Cape Town, via Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Egypt. The return flight is set to take them through Uganda, Rwanda and Zambia.

The Sling-4 uses ordinary motor fuel and they built it in just three weeks.



The aircraft assembled by these South African teenagers has successfully landed in Egypt six weeks after it set off from Cape Town